Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Are Food Handlers washing their hands?

We regularly eat in restaurants/office canteens/road side eateries. We eat at these locations because the food tastes good. Sometimes we eat at a place because we don’t have a choice.

We prefer high end restaurants to road side eateries because we feel that these guys will be more hygienic as compared to the road side eateries. Okay they will make our pockets light but hey … better safe than sorry!

Do we really ask them if they can prove that they are hygienic or is this purely an assumption?

I have been told time and again – Ass u me and you make a a** of u and me.

Don’t you think that these high end restaurants who charge us more than Rs. 800 per person each time we visit them to dine out should be able to prove that their food handlers are hygienic? These guys surely take a lot of efforts to maintain the high standards that they have set for the hygiene and quality of their food alright. But what about the people who are handling this “high quality – hygienic” food? Do they keep their hands clean? Can these restaurants prove it?

The next time you visit a high end restaurant will you ask them if they can prove that their food handlers wash their hands regularly? I will.